[The Misogi Method]


Misogi is an ancient Japanese Shinto ritual to cleanse the mind and body. It usually involves making the pilgrimage to an icy waterfall, and standing under the cold water (to symbolize intense purification.)

The concept was popularized in the U.S. by Dr. Marcus Elliott— a Harvard-trained physician who develops elite athletes.

But Elliott interprets a Misogi more broadly— as any epic challenge in nature that tests your limits (both mentally and physically).

It’s all about embracing discomfort. And doing something so difficult 1 day of the year… that it changes your perspective on the other 364.


“Discomfort” used to mean fleeing hungry predators.

Discomfort now means a bad wifi connection.

We rarely leave our comfort zones anymore. The result?

Risk aversion, anxiety, and operating far below what our true potential is. You see, if you don’t test your limits… your limits actually shrink.

The only way to grow (physically, mentally, spiritually, financially) is to push the edge of those preconceived boundaries.

Test your body. Strengthen your mind.

The Misogi Method, here we go…


There are two rules for a Misogi as Elliott defines it:

  1. It has to be REALLY hard—with only a 50% chance of succeeding.

  1. You can’t die. (Meaning, it has to be safe.)

Examples could be: hiking 12 miles with a 45lb backpack, swimming 1km to shore (with an escort boat), a 5-min cold plunge, etc.


If a Misogi is hard enough, it will bring you to a breaking point where you think you can’t keep going.

You’ll say you’ve reached your “limit.”

But if you just keep going a little longer— a few more steps, a few more minutes— you’ll look back at that point and realize that wasn’t your limit.

You sold yourself short.

Which leads to the important question…

“If I sold myself short here, where else in my life am I selling myself short?”

By the way:

  • Whether you finish the Misogi at the end doesn’t matter. Remember— you only had a 50% shot.

  • Whether your Misogi is “harder” or “easier” than another person’s doesn’t matter.

The only thing that matters is you pushed beyond what you truly thought your limit was.

My first Misogi?

Riding a motorcycle across Morocco for 2 weeks in 110º heat, through slippery sand and impossible switchback turns.

I was the youngest person (and only woman) to attempt the motorcycle tour.

I wanted to quit so. many. times.

But I pushed past the mental battle of self-doubt, and managed to finish.

(Yep, that’s me. 😂)

When I returned home? My mental toughness was strong. 🔥

All the tiny inconveniences that would have previously stressed me out… were put into perspective.

And all the opportunities I used to pass up because of my high risk aversion… suddenly felt within reach.

So tell me, what’s your next Misogi?

It can be anything! Not just physical challenges in nature. But you must have less than a 50% chance of succeeding.

P.S. To dive deeper, I highly recommend reading The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter.

(Or check out his podcast interview with Peter Attia. It’s seriously one of the best episodes I discovered this year.)

Until next week,


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