1:1 Coaching with Jade

60 mins — $1799

Your personal brand has never been more important than it is right now.

If you’ve considered becoming a thought leader, now is the time to start.

I’ve worked with hundreds of CEOs, best-selling authors, startup founders, aspiring creators, marketers, sales executives, consultants, attorneys, entrepreneurs, and leaders at Fortune 50 companies.

In this session, we’ll discuss your goals and create a highly actionable plan to get you there. (Coaching is available for both business and personal growth topics.)

After the video call, you’ll receive:

  1. The recording of our meeting for you to keep

  2. An actionable summary of the 5 next steps to grow your personal brand

  3. A custom template for social media posts

  4. A custom template for my idea hunting and writing system

  5. And any other resources that we discuss for your creator journey!

How to reserve:

I’ll follow up via email within 48 hours— including a detailed agenda for our time together (tailored to the objectives you share during booking).

About Me:

  • Grew from 1k to 370k+ followers across social media in 12 months

  • Ranked the #2 female creator in the world on LinkedIn, and the #1 creator in the productivity category (Favikon Top 200 List, June 2023)

  • Previously worked full-time at LinkedIn for 7 years during the rise of the “creator economy” (so I know which algorithm tips are real)

  • Launched The Quiet Rich— a weekly newsletter with 60,000+ subscribers

  • Was featured in Forbes 9 months after my first social media post

  • (All while working full-time at Google)

What I advise on:

  1. Personal Branding

  • The #1 thing that makes content go viral

  • How to define your personal brand and niche

  • My 3-step content system for idea hunting, writing, and posting

  • Data-driven methods to increase engagement / maximize reach

  • How to optimize for the algorithm of each platform (LinkedIn vs. Instagram)

  • How to leverage AI effectively (and ethically) as a thought leader

  1. Monetization

  • The 7 ways to monetize your audience once you’ve built a following

  • How to get a book deal, start a podcast, or become a keynote speaker

  • How to quickly start and grow a newsletter (and why it’s important)

  • The best tools and techniques to start a coaching / consulting business

  • How much to charge for sponsorships

  1. Personal Growth

  • How I balance a full-time job at Google with growing my personal brand as a creator (in terms of logistics and time management)

  • How to stay accountable to your growth goals (and reclaim your focus)

  • The best method for time-boxing your calendar

  • Next-level public speaking tips

I look forward to meeting you!

What clients are saying:


“My LinkedIn posts used to get 20-30 likes. After 1 call with Jade, I'm averaging 600+ likes per post. 🤯"


“It’s been 4 months since our first coaching call. I’ve grown my audience from 2k to 83k!!! Not bad, coach. 😂”

(Check out this client’s case study and learn how he has consistently grown his LinkedIn audience by ~20,000 followers every month.)


"When Jade first told me I could get 500+ likes on a post, I thought maybe someday. Crazy to see 2 of my posts get 2,000 likes in the first week!"


“I’m about to cross 11,000!!! This is such a great feeling. I couldn’t have done it without you. 🤍”

(Check out this client’s case study and learn how she opened up tons of future income streams in just 7 weeks of growing on LinkedIn.)


“Ok. I was hesitant to spend the money— but Jade completely overdelivered. I’m definitely booking more calls with her before her schedule fills up.”


“I crossed 60,000 followers today, WOOHOO! I was pretty much at zero before I started working with you, you have been such a wonderful mentor. I owe so much to you!”

(Check out this client’s case study and learn why all of his posts now consistently get 2,000-3,000 likes!)


“It felt a little risky booking this because you never what to expect on the internet. But honestly, 1 hour with Jade has been the highest return on investment I’ve gotten on my business. EVER. Seriously, don’t hesitate to book with her.”


"Best investment I've ever made in myself."


“It’s honestly insane that one coaching session with Jade immediately resulted in 1 million views of my posts. I’ve grown from 1k followers to 7k followers in 10 days!!!”


“I have a full-time job but wanted to start building my brand as a thought leader on LinkedIn. Jade was SO HELPFUL in explaining her routine and logistics to manage both every week. It was such actionable advice.”


"I needed a better system for writing and posting consistently. Jade's process is the best one I've ever found."


“Jade, I think you just changed my life.”


“I LOVED every single second of our call - THANK YOU SO MUCH!”


“2 weeks after our coaching call, this happened: I posted on Wednesday, a new reader booked a call with me on Thursday, and then they decided to join my coaching program on Friday. My session with Jade has literally already paid for itself.”


“Our session yesterday left me feeling more inspired and energized than the last two years of spinning my wheels without any direction. I've literally already written out 3 pieces of content - and these are all original stuff - not even the book and podcast summaries! You've given me something to finally get excited about. I can't thank you enough!!”


“There are so many creators out there who offer coaching. But Jade is by far the best. I save everything she posts on LinkedIn. And even the comments she leaves on other people’s posts are better than anyone’s. I can’t wait to book another session with her.”


“My growth has been unbelievable, Jade. The insights you provided has already led to such promising results. Seriously impressive and slightly surreal.”


"This coaching call already paid for itself multiple times over.”


“One hour with you saved me about 6 months of trying to figure it all out myself.”


“I chose Jade as my coach for 3 main reasons:

1) Her content resonates with me and I believe we have common values & a common outlook on life

2) Her growth has been spectacular, and she recognizes the opportunity to use LinkedIn as a "funnel" platform, unlike many others.

3) She keeps it simple & minimal, without coming across as ‘sales-y’.”


“I had high expectations. Jade somehow still completely overdelivered.”


“I had considered booking a session with Jade for a few months… but figured I could do it on my own. After growing so slowly, I finally decided to book a call with her. WOW. I never would have figured out everything she taught me on my own. Already seeing insane results.”


“I saw how quickly Jade grew on LinkedIn. 1k to 200k in 8 months is insane. Had to know how she did it, and she explained it SO WELL and in so much detail that I actually think I can follow suit!!!”


I just crossed the 50k club!!! Couldn’t have done it without you, Jade!”


Wow, this was worth every penny.”


“I’m SO GLAD this was recorded, because I definitely am going to rewatch it. I can’t believe how much you packed into 60 minutes. This probably would have taken someone else 3 hours to explain!”


“Completely exceeded my expectations.”


“Jade is so different from some of the other creator coaches. You can even see it in the content she posts, and the comments she writes.”


”Nothing was generic. Jade seriously customized everything we talked about to me and my goals. And she clearly did so much prep work to make the most of our time together!”


“Already seeing results ONE DAY after our coaching call!!!”


“Jade is a straight-shooter. I got everything I needed from one coaching call with her. No surprise fees. Nothing like that. But I’m definitely booking more sessions with her to check in on my progress over the next few months.”


"I sent over a ton of information on my goals and target audience before our call. Jade clearly read all of it and customized the entire call in really impressive detail. She even suggested a few other income streams for me that I never considered!”


“I was worried this was going to be generic advice that I could just find on the internet. NOPE. Jade’s system is so good that it’s obvious why she’s grown so quickly. Hadn’t heard of most of what we talked about before!”


“I almost didn’t want to write a review, because I don’t want Jade’s calendar to fill up before I book my next session. 😂 She’s best-in-class at this.”


“I chose Jade as my coach because she manages a full-time role at Google AND does this on the side. So I knew her methods were going to be super efficient and save me a lot of time.”