[9 powerful reframes]


Ever notice how people say “sorry” all the time… for things that need no apology?

Our words create our reality.

The more we unnecessarily apologize, the less confidence we subconsciously show (to ourselves and others).

Here’s what to say instead:


1. Sorry for rescheduling → Thanks for being flexible!

2. Sorry for being late → Thanks so much for waiting.

3. Sorry for bothering you → Thanks for carving out time.

4. Sorry for venting → Thanks for listening.

5. Sorry I had to take that call → Thanks for your patience!

6. Sorry for jumping in → I have an idea that may help.

7. Sorry for the mistake → Thanks for catching that!

8. Sorry, I don’t get it → Could you repeat that? I just want to be clear.

9. Sorry, does that make sense? → I’m happy to answer any questions!


Starting a conversation with gratitude sets a completely different tone, right?

And when you say “sorry” too often, it can actually dilute the meaning of the word when you do owe an apology.

Ok, so you can see why these reframes are extremely powerful. But how do you build the habit?

The first step is to build awareness.

Ask a friend or coworker to interrupt you whenever you apologize unnecessarily, with: “Why did you say sorry?” 😏

That’s your cue to rephrase it with a “thank you for…”

Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

Until next week,


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