3 minimalist approaches


What is “Quiet Luxury?”

It’s the opposite of flashy. Quiet Luxury is not about showing off your wealth or status. As the old saying goes, “money talks, wealth whispers.”

Quiet Luxury is about investing in timeless, subtle pieces that will last decades. Quality materials, elegance, and craftsmanship are key.

You might have heard the term from the HBO show Succession. It has been used to describe the “old money” wardrobe of the character Shiv.

Here are 3 ways to take a more minimalist approach to your wardrobe, home, and lifestyle:


1. Wardrobe

It’s better to own a few expensive items than many cheap ones you never wear.

  • Focus on quality fabrics and impeccable construction

  • Stick to a neutral color palette with clean lines (e.g., tailored trousers)

  • No trendy logos, flashy embellishments, or styles you’ll only wear once

Many people find it hard to declutter their closet. It’s because of the “endowment effect,” where we over-value the things we currently own.

So go through your things and ask yourself the brutally-effective question: “If I didn’t already own this, how much would I spend to buy it right now?”

Donate / toss as much as you can. Then follow the “1-in, 1-out” rule. Every time you buy a new item, you have to donate an old one. No exceptions. To dive deeper into this, listen to this podcast interview with Greg McKeown (author of the epic book, Essentialism).

2. Home Design

Quiet Luxury is about creating a serene and inviting space.

  • Use natural materials (like eucalyptus, teak wood, stone)

  • Declutter your living spaces

  • Add warmth with candle light and a statement piece of furniture

I’m kind of obsessed with the Aman Hotel in New York that just opened. It’s an upscale hotel that perfectly visualizes “quiet luxury” on one of the busiest streets in Manhattan. Scroll through this article from Architectural Digest— the photos of the lounge and indoor pool are epic.

3. Lifestyle

Quiet Luxury is also a minimalist way of life. In my opinion, this is the most important one to master.

  • Take on fewer tasks / priorities, and do each of them better. (Check out my popular post on 6 minimalist habits to avoid burnout)

  • Make conscious choices about what you spend time and money on

  • Slow down and appreciate the finer things (rather than wanting more)

Italians know how to savor the moment better than most. Two weeks ago, I wrote about my 7 favorite Italian sayings, and what we can learn from them about savoring the moment for a more meaningful life. Many of you told me it was my favorite thing you’ve ever read. 🥹

(And yes, 4 out of 7 of those sayings are food-related. 🤌)


—The 7 traits of Quiet Luxury—

  1. Quality over quantity

  2. No flashy logos or embellishment

  3. Timeless colors and materials

  4. Uncluttered, minimalist spaces

  5. Appreciate the finer things in life

  6. Live slowly, with intention

  7. Embrace “less is more”

The “new rich” are quiet— not flashy.

Until next week,


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