[The Hugh Jackman Method]

“Your thoughts have consequences so great that they create your reality.” — Dr. Joe Dispenza


☝️ I think about that quote often. And apparently, Hugh Jackman does as well.

On the Tim Ferriss Show, Hugh revealed his simple (but brutally effective) morning practice to have a perfect day.

The best part? It only takes 2 minutes.

Here’s the technique:


Step 1.

When you wake up, spend a few moments visualizing the end of your day.

Imagine that you’re getting back in bed at night… and everything went perfectly.

What did you do? How did you feel? What went even better than expected?

Get specific.

Step 2.

Now write a text describing exactly what happened.

Yep, in the past tense. Something like:

“I went for a 20 min run the morning (even though I didn’t feel like it), finished that one project at work I’ve been putting off for the past few days, nailed the client pitch meeting, and went to dinner with a friend who I feel way closer to now.”

(Notice that these are all things within your control.)

Step 3.

Send that text to someone who will hold you accountable.

At the end of the day, re-read what you wrote and report back to that person how accurate your text was.

It won’t always be 100% spot on. But your day will go better than if you didn’t visualize it at all.


When you’re able to picture your day going well (in extremely vivid detail), you’ll make micro-decisions throughout the day that guide you to that outcome.

They might even be subconscious (e.g., the things you say, the last-minute risks you decide to take, the confidence you have walking into a room…)

And when you’re facing something that you really don’t want to do (but know is good for you), the accountability from that text you sent will push you forward.

Whether you believe your day will go well (or believe it will go poorly), you’re right.

(And I highly recommend listening to the full podcast episode. Hugh is such a delight. You’ll learn all these interesting details about him— like the fact that he’s obsessed with jigsaw puzzles. 😂)

Btw, here’s a one-page cheat sheet that summarizes this whole thing. Feel free to download the high-res version here and keep it as a handy reminder.

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