[2-step exercise]


I heard this idea the other day and can’t stop thinking about it: 👉 “The curse of familiar riches.” Here’s what it means.

Let’s say you make $100k.

If I asked you to come up with another way to earn $100k right now, a few options would probably come to mind:

  • You could apply to another job at your company

  • You could apply to a job at a different company

  • You could piece two jobs together (like freelancing part-time at a few companies)

That’s what makes these riches “familiar.” You can think of lots of things that earn you the same amount you currently earn— plus maybe $20k extra for good negotiating.

But if I ask you… how could you earn $500k in your next role? Our brains draw a blank, right? There are no obvious pathway to 5x your income.

This mental “leap” is actually a skill you can develop. It’s what sets top-earners apart from the rest.

They ask themselves insane questions like, “How can I achieve my 10-year goal in the next 6 months?” And then they find creative ways to do it.

  • They start a company

  • They invest in a new market

  • They buy a business

If we only see pathways to 1x or 1.2x what we’re making… we’re selling our potential short.

We have to “train” our brain to find pathways to 5x.

So here’s the exercise:


☝️ Step 1. Block out 15 mins on your calendar every morning for the next 7 days.

✌️ Step 2. Sit down at your laptop and ask yourself 3 questions:

  • How can I make 5x more than I’m making today?

  • What are a few ways that other people make 5x more?

  • What’s the shortest time frame that I could do that?”


At first, you’ll draw blanks. That’s normal.

But if you can write 2-3 small things down every day… the more realistic ideas will eventually start flowing. And with consistency over time, you'll forge those pathways to a multiplied salary.

(Credit to Shaan Puri — this was one of my favorite ideas ever discussed on the My First Million podcast. Highly recommend listening to the full episode!)

Until next week,


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