[I wish I learned these 7 sooner]


One of my favorite questions to ask at dinner parties is, “If you could create a class on ‘adulting’ that everyone has to take in school… which life skills would you teach?”

(Yes, I realize this is a pretty weird thing to ask people that I just met. But I’ve never been into small talk. 😂 Moving on…)

Here are the 7 life skills that I think everyone should be taught in school. I’m curious to hear yours as well— send me an email back!


1. Emotional intelligence

How to:

  • Understand + validate your emotions

  • Build strong, healthy relationships

  • Empathize with others + establish trust

Recommended reading:

2. Personal finance

How to:

  • Benefit from compound interest

  • Establish excellent credit

  • Invest wisely for long-term goals

  • Make (and automate) a budget

Recommended reading:

3. Time management

How to:

  • Choose the right priorities

  • Do fewer things, better (to avoid burnout)

  • Time block your calendar to get the right things done

Recommended reading:

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

4. Self-discipline

How to:

  • Reduce screen time (especially on social media)

  • Keep commitments and self-promises

  • Stay focused on goals (even when faced with distraction or obstacles)

  • Make sacrifices and build mental toughness

Recommended reading:

The Comfort Crisis by Michael Easter

5. Critical thinking

How to:

  • Receive (and give) feedback

  • Evaluate multiple arguments

  • Question existing beliefs (both your own and others’)

  • Make informed decisions

Recommended reading:

The Almanack of Naval Ravikant by Eric Jorgensen

(Btw— you can download this entire book for free at this site. It’s wild that they’re giving it away).

6. Negotiation

How to:

  • Ask clarifying questions to understand the other’s needs

  • Think creatively about out-of-the-box solutions

  • Self-advocate with confidence

  • Consider best alternative options in order to get more leverage

Recommended reading:

7. Healthy habits

How to:

  • Get more restorative sleep

  • Lift weights to promote muscle development and bone density

  • Do cardio for heart health and mental clarity

  • Enjoy nutrient-dense meals

Recommended reading:

Atomic Habits by James Clear


There are so many more skills that might come to mind: AI prompting, social media strategy, how to file taxes. 😅 

But the 7 listed above are pretty timeless and universal.

Let me know what else you’d add to a class on “adulting.”

Until next week,


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