[3 tips to captivate any listener]


Storytelling is a superpower.

The good news? It’s a skill you can learn.

Whether you’re pitching your startup, interviewing for a job, or on a date… a good story could make all the difference.

In Stories that Stick, Kindra Hall unpacks the 3 elements of storytelling.

Let’s dive in…


Every great story is built from 3 parts:

  1. Normal

  2. Explosion

  3. New Normal

If you nail these three elements, you’ll never have to steal attention... your audience will give it to you freely.

Step 1: Normal

  • What was your daily life like?

  • How did you feel about it?

  • What kept you awake at night?

Step 2: Explosion

  • What realization or event changed your “normal”?

  • What was the specific place or time? Give details.

  • How did you feel about it? What were your emotions?

Step 3: New Normal

  • How was your life different after?

  • Were any of your pain points solved?

  • What were the lessons you gained?


The #1 mistake most people make? They don’t spend nearly enough time on the “normal” part of the story.

They jump straight into the event and resolution. So listeners haven’t been given a reason to fully care…

If you watched a news story that someone won the lottery, sure it’d be interesting. But if that news story first described the normal life of that person, it’d be so much more captivating.

That’s the effect of a well-told story. It gets your audience emotionally invested.


Remember— a story doesn’t have to be about anything dramatic to be good. The “explosion” could be a simple realization you had.

Your only goal is to give enough detail that your listener can’t wait to hear what happened next.

Challenge: Start a note in your phone called “storyworthy.” For the next week, write down 1 “storyworthy” moment that happened to you before going to bed each night.

This is how you build up a treasure trove of good stories to pull from.

Until next week,


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