[Njuta: The Art of Savoring]


Swedes are often reported as one of the most joyful populations in the world.

I had to find out why. So I dug into the book Njuta (pronounced Nyoo-tah) by Niki Brantmark.

In Swedish, njuta loosely translates to “savoring” or “delighting in.” It’s all about deeply enjoying the little things in life— and finding ways to elevate ordinary moments.

Here are 5 ways to bring more njuta into your day:


1. Slow mornings

Rather than gulping your coffee while doing 5 other things…

  • Carve out a few minutes of your morning to be completely alone. 

  • Make your coffee / tea exactly how you like it. Carry it to your favorite corner of your house. 

  • Sit in the sun and sip it slowly.

“Njuta is to savor a suspended moment in time without pressure or demand.” —Niki Brantmark

2. Ambiance

Swedish homes tend to balance being minimalist and yet warm and inviting. The goal of your home is to emit a wonderful sense of calm.

  • Install dimmers for all your lights

  • Get a candle or two going

  • Keep a soft blanket near your couch

A little ambiance can elevate any occasion. (Btw, I wrote this post about quiet luxury: a minimalist approach to your wardrobe, home design, and lifestyle. Many of you told me it was your favorite post yet.)

“One can furnish a room very luxuriously by taking out furniture rather than putting it in.” — Francis Jourdain

3. Cooking

Swedes tend to take their time— with both cooking and eating. 

  • They eat slowly.

  • Many know how to make their own bread. 

  • They only buy produce that’s in season. (I found this free, seasonal food guide.)

“A Swede will tell you— if you allow yourself to long for something, it will taste all the sweeter when it lands on your plate.” — Niki Brantmark

4. Background music

Studies show that listening to music helps to reduces stress and improve your mood. I specifically listen to “brain playlists” that help me focus.

It immediately elevates every activity I do. Even the laundry can feel cinematic.

5. Walking in nature

“Despite 88% of Swedes living in towns and cities, they work hard to maintain a strong connection with nature.” — Niki Brantmark

  • Njuta is often a solo feeling (and easiest to experience when you’re outside).

  • Just you, walking in a forest or along the shore, noticing subtle sounds.

Njuta comes from being quiet. No phone notifications. No talking. No noisy thoughts.


It doesn’t take life-changing milestones to feel joy. The happiest people know how to elevate all of the little (seemingly insignificant) moments between those big milestones.

This week, pick one thing from the Swedes' playbook. Maybe it's a slow morning with a hot drink, or lighting a candle while you finish some work, or walking in nature...the choice is yours.

Just take a moment to notice the extraordinary within the ordinary. As Jimmy Johnson said, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”

There's a quiet wisdom in this—a reminder that the small things have the greatest power to transform our days.

Btw, here’s the link to the full book on Njuta. It makes a great gift.

Until next week,


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