[The 5 Time Assassins]


Dan Martell is the bestselling author of Buy Back Your Time. It’s the best guide I’ve found on reclaiming time and scaling your business.

The most powerful chapter for me? The 5 Time Assassins. 🔥

At any given moment, your time is being wasted by 1 (or many) of these 5.

Let’s go through each one…


1. The Staller

This is when you sabotage your own success by hesitating on big decisions (often because of imposter syndrome).


  • You get invited to speak on a podcast, but imposter syndrome starts to creep in. So you don’t respond to it for weeks, until it’s too late.

2. The Speed Demon

You make rapid decisions (often choosing the first/ quickest/ easiest/ cheapest option). Then you find yourself in the exact same position again a few months later.


  • You hire the first candidate that meets some of your requirements. They don’t work out, and you need to spend even more time replacing them.

3. The Supervisor

You have trouble giving up control (usually because you don’t think anyone can do as good of a job as you).


  • You hire an executive assistant, but micromanage all of their tasks and end up spending the same (or more) time than if you did it yourself in the first place.

4. The Saver

You’re not comfortable spending money (even if it will make you more money).


  • You can afford to advertise your business online (and attract new customers— which will quickly recoup the cost of the ads). But instead, you leave your money in savings.

5. The Self-Medicator

You work really hard (and then “play” equally hard, often by binge-drinking).

This one’s tough to spot, because it’s usually in the form of celebration.


  • You close a big deal, eat and drink excessively, wake up hungover, and then need to push back the entire next day’s meetings.


Review the last 10 big decisions you made. Try to spot the patterns.

Which of these 5 assassins is holding you back the most?

Here’s how I personally deal with all five:

  1. Create “guard-rails” for the maximum and minimum amount of time I can spend on a decision (so I never procrastinate or rush into it).

  1. Offload lower-risk tasks, and simply accept that someone else completing it 80% as well as I would… is still 100% awesome.

  1. Have a partner hold me accountable to A). spend money to save time, and B). not exceed my personal choice of # drinks per night.

Create a system that works for you!

(To dive deeper, I highly recommend listening to the full audiobook. Dan narrates it himself.)

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