[The Alter Ego Effect]


Todd Herman is the best-selling author of The Alter Ego Effect (one of the top books I read this year).

He’s helped the world’s best athletes / performers unleash their hidden power.

Kobe. Nadal. Ronaldo. (Just to name a few).

An alter ego isn’t about playing pretend or creating a false mask.

It’s about finding the hero already inside you— and calling it up when you need it.

Try this method to find your own:


Step 1.

Grab a pen and paper. Instead of asking yourself, “what do I want?” make a list of the following:

What do I want to:

  • stop doing? (procrastinating)

  • do less of? (scrolling mindlessly)

  • keep doing? (meeting new people)

  • do more of? (setting boundaries)

  • start doing? (eating healthy)

Step 2.

Ok, now just pick one of those things on your list.

Yep, just one.

Step 3.

Ask yourself, “what’s holding me back?”

Todd shares a few examples that get in our way:

  • Imposter syndrome

  • Not being intentional

  • Worrying what others will think

  • Doubting your abilities

  • Not being in control of emotions

You have to answer this one honestly.

Step 4.

The fun part.

Think of someone who does that one thing extremely well.

It could be a fictional character, a person, an animal, etc.

That figure will be the foundation of your alter ego.

Step 5.

Name your alter ego.

Something that makes you immediately think of the qualities you want to have.

Decide how you’ll “call up” that alter ego whenever you need it. A prop, a mantra, a visualization.

Practice and repetition is everything.


Once you master this, try taking it one step further.

You can create different alter egos for different parts of your life.

Maybe you want to be:

  • assertive and persuasive at work

  • patient and loving with your kids

  • an absolute beast in the gym

Each “alter ego” you create will call up your full potential in those very different contexts.

And after a while?

You no longer have to “call up” each of your alter egos.

Because you became them.

To dive deeper, read The Alter Ego Effect. (The Audible is also fantastic, and narrated by Todd himself).

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