[8 Daily Habits]


Today’s generations are the unhappiest in recent decades.

It’s because we flood our dopamine— the “reward center” of the brain

(with social media notifications, swiping on dating apps, binge-eating snacks, etc.)

Dopamine should drip steadily throughout your day. Not overload.

Why is that?

Well, when you flood your rewards:

  • You’ll need higher levels of stimulation to feel the same again

  • Today’s binge will tank your motivation tomorrow

  • You’ll feel less equipped to deal with difficult things

A healthy brain is powered by daily habits! These are inspired by the work of Dr. Andrew Huberman or Dr. Daniel Amen.

Let’s dive in:


1. Sunlight before screen light

Studies show that lack of sunlight causes a major dip in dopamine levels.

Just 2 mins of being outside upon waking will help you feel alert!


  • Don’t check your phone for >30 mins after waking

  • Go for a 5 min morning walk outside without sunglasses

2. Cut down on refined sugars

The bliss point = an addictive combination of sugar and salt that makes your appetite insatiable.

Avoid foods like this— they crash your blood sugar levels.


  • Increase your protein intake, particularly in the morning

  • Don’t keep processed snacks at home. Leave them at the grocery store

3. Optimize your sleep

Lack of (or low-quality) sleep will tank energy + motivation levels.

Get serious about 7-9 hours a night.


  • Avoid caffeine after 12pm

  • Wake and sleep at the same time each day to build a routine

  • Limit screen time before bed; charge your phone in another room

  • Keep the temperature around 67ºF

  • Use blackout shades

4. Score your day with music

Music is powerful. It can enhance your mood and focus, lower your blood pressure and stress, and improve sleep.

A slower tempo (between 60-80 bpm) is ideal for brain health.


  • Create “brain playlists” for different moments of your day (e.g., wake up, deep work, creative flow, wind down)

  • I’ve been starting my day with Classical Bangers 😂

5. Move your body daily

Just 10 minutes of aerobic exercises can spark an improvement in mood.

The strongest effects are felt after 30 minutes.


  • Put your workout clothes near your bed the night before

  • Pre-pay for fitness classes to create loss aversion

  • Pack a TRX band when you travel

6. Start a meditation practice

Before you roll your eyes, this can come in many forms! Try a walking meditation.

The goal is to clear your mind of all clutter, focus inward, and allow your thoughts to come and go.


  • Block out 10 mins on your calendar each morning

  • Listen to a guided meditation. I like the ‘Waking Up’ app by Sam Harris.

7. Stay hydrated

Water makes up 75% of brain mass. So even a slight dip in hydration levels will quickly impact your brain health.

Your neurons can’t run efficiently if you’re not hydrated.


  • Keep a 16oz water bottle next to your bed, and drink it all as soon as you wake up

  • Refill it, and then bring it to your desk

8. Focus on micro-moments of happiness

Pay attention to the joy you get from an out-of-the-blue text, a podcast, a sip of coffee, a workout. They compound.


  • Start a list in your phone called “the little things.”

  • Add 3 more moments that made you thankful every evening.

Feeling good doesn’t require life-changing milestones.

A healthy mind starts with a healthy brain.

Until next week,


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