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Today, you’ll get the #1 tip I wish I knew before becoming a creator & entrepreneur. 😅 (It’s the secret to building your dream lifestyle business.)

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In less than 11 months, I’ve grown from 1k - 350k followers across social media platforms. 👀 Here’s what I wish someone told me 1 year ago, before I got started:

“To be a successful creator, you don’t need millions. You don’t need millions of dollars or millions of customers … or millions of fans.”

That’s the first line of an essay called “1,000 True Fans” by Kevin Kelly.

Here’s his point. To earn 6-figures as a creator? You just need a small and loyal audience.


Ok, so what is a “true fan”?

Someone who will buy anything (and everything) you come out with. (A book, a coaching session, a digital course, a live event, a private membership, etc.)

Kevin explains that there are 2 “requirements” for building true fans as an entrepreneur.

Step 1.

To earn 6-figures, you must have enough products for each true fan to spend $100 per year. 

$100 x 1,000 fans = $100,000 per year

Maybe your money goals are higher than that? Simply adjust the $ amount that each fan spends (i.e., raise the price and/or the number of products you offer).

Step 2.

You must be able to reach your fans directly, so all of their $100 goes straight to you. 

Meaning there’s no third-party distributor taking a cut (like a book publisher, studio, retailer, etc).

How? This is possible thanks to the power of the internet and social media. More on this later 😉


I always tell my coaching clients— the goal is not to have as many LinkedIn followers as possible. The goal is to have the right LinkedIn followers (who are willing to invest in your products).

Brands actually prefer working with micro-influencers. That was one of my favorite trends of Artlist’s 2024 creator report. Brand sponsors see a much higher ROI when reaching niche, passionate audiences.

(If you’re curious, I summarized all 5 trends in this LinkedIn post.)

And here’s the cool thing.

No matter how ridiculously niche your interests are, there are at least 1,000 other people in the world with those same exact interests. Seriously.

Even if only 1 person in a million was interested in it (and that’s a really low bar lol), that’s still at least 7k people…

You don’t need to be a famous celebrity with 1M followers in order to earn a living as a creator. You don’t even need 100,000.

Just focus on winning the hearts and minds of 1,000 true fans. To dive deeper, check out Kevin Kelly’s interview on The Tim Ferriss show.

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