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Ryan Serhant is one of the top luxury real estate agents in New York City. In a recent YouTube video, he reflected on his experiences with the ultra-wealthy.

There are 2,640 billionaires in the world (according to Forbes).

Random side note— that Forbes report is fascinating. I never would have guessed who the #1 richest billionaire in the world is— it’s not Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, OR Warren Buffett. And it’s equally fascinating to read who dropped off the list (ahem… Kanye) and who made it for the first time.

Ryan claims that 94 of those on the list are contacts in his phone. 🔥

Unsurprisingly, many of them are clients.

Since Ryan has done so many real estate deals with them, he has witnessed how they think about business, how they communicate, their routines, etc.

And he noticed 6 habits/mindsets that all 94 of those billionaires share in common (which probably led to their success):


1. They text more than they call.

Billionaires are on their phones more than most people. BUT they use it on a completely different level— as a tool.

They’re not mindlessly scrolling. They’re not chatting on the phone.

They use it to communicate efficiently— via text or voice memo (often using the app “Signal” because it automatically deletes, and can’t be tracked).

2. They know the value of their time.

When Ryan went to dinner with his first billionaire client, apparently “he ordered the minute the waiter came over to give us water.”

“There was no sitting there, reviewing the menu, asking for the specials. ‘Here’s what I’m having. What do you want?’ And if I didn’t know, he ordered for me.”

Ryan reflected, “It didn’t feel stressful— it actually felt nice because my time wasn’t wasted either. We got straight into business.”

But you know what I find surprising? He said his clients make big business decisions just as quickly as small decisions like what to order.

Some of them are earning $2,500 per SECOND. So they don’t have time to waste.

3. They don’t trust easily.

Billionaires are always on guard.

Why? Maybe they were taken advantage of in the past. They’ve learned from it. And the stakes are higher now.

Any new person entering their circle of trust could have an ulterior motive.

So to earn their trust, Ryan always gets “in” with their outer circle of trust first (nannies, private bankers, landscapers, attorneys, etc).

4. They spend money to make money.

Billionaires will overspend if they see it as an investment in greater growth.

But they underspend in other ways— on things that don’t matter to them. For example, many don’t care as much about useless material possessions as they do about investments that will give them a business return.

(Even the yacht or private plane is a business investment, because that’s where deals get done.)

5. They only focus on what they are uniquely qualified to do.

And they outsource or delegate everything else.

The most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs know exactly which skills they are the best in the world at. In other words, their “zone of genius.”

And they maximize the amount of time they spend on that one thing (by delegating everything else).

6. They’re also humans, who get frustrated by problems.

It’s easy to imagine that once you have enough money, all your problems vanish, right? Unfortunately no. You just have more expensive problems.

The most dangerous game is, “I’ll be happy when…”

Because if you’re not happy with what you have now, how can you expect to be happy with what you have in the future?

Even when that Porsche 911 is in your driveway, it won’t make you AS happy as you expected, and it won’t last as LONG as you had hoped. In a matter of weeks, you’ll once again think “This is nice, but I’ll be happy when...”

The biggest flex is having enough.


So how can you apply these in life?

  1. Use your phone as a tool for building wealth.

  2. Decide the value of your time.

  3. Keep a high standard of who you trust.

  4. Spend money to make money.

  5. Identify what you’re best at— and outsource everything else.

  6. The biggest flex is having “enough.”

Try it out. Let me know how it goes.

(And I highly recommend watching the full YouTube video. For anyone trying to improve their public speaking, Ryan is actually a great person to study.)

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